Gavin's knowledge of his subject area is second to none. It is an absolute must to at least have a conversation with Gavin. He can save you and your family an absolute truck load of money! 
Highly Recommended.  
J Kemp - Chester 
Dedicated to protecting you, your family and your estate. 
Specialising in Wills and Trusts, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Care Fee and Inheritance Tax Mitigation. 
Gavin’s skill lies in explaining everything in non legal jargon making the often complicated subject of Wills and Estate planning easy to understand. 
His mission is to ensure your legacy goes to the ones you love. 
Preserving your wealth in your lifetime & for future generations 
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Will writing & secure storage 
70% of the adult population die without a Will. Not knowing the problems they've left behind for their family! 
A Will can save you tax, your children being taken into care & your assets going to the ones you love. Don’t let the Government decide for you! 
Trusts come in many shapes and sizes. They can protect your assets from inheritance tax, care fees, probate fees and 2nd wives and husbands! 
Trust aren’t just for the super rich and they don’t cost the earth either! 
Long term care 
We all think it won't happen to us, but one in three women and one in five men will need formal care in their lifetime.  
With my help I can save you loosing your home and assets to care fees. 
Inheritance tax can see up to 40% of your assets being given to the government after you die. I can advise what can be done to reduce or even eliminate this legally and easily.  
After all inheritance tax is a voluntary tax! 
Powers of Attorney 
Few people consider what will happen if we lose the ability to make their own decisions due to mental or physical problems. By appointing an attorney (a friend or relative) you can ensure that your financial and health decisions are made, without the need for costly court proceedings. 
Probate services 
We offer a professional fixed fee service far cheaper than solicitors and banks. did you know you don’t have to use the solicitor or bank that holds your Will. Let us take the stress away and save you £’s. 
Business Will Trusts &  
Director Protection 
What happens if you as a director pass away or lose mental capacity? Who will run the company? Does your spouse really want the shares or just the cash value? Don’t let your business die with you. Protect your family & your business after you’ve gone. 
Speaker Engagements &  
Radio Shows 
Need a speaker for your business or social group? Entertaining, informative and dare I say humorous presentations and speeches. 
Call me today or listen to my latest radio show appearances. 

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